Who can become a Certified Financial Fiduciary®?

Financial professionals seeking to obtain the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation must meet the following criteria: 

1.       Meet one of the following prerequisites:

a.       Possess a professional financial certification/designation or

b.       Professional financial license (securities, insurance, accounting, etc.), or

c.       A combination of education and experience deemed satisfactory by the NACFF Advisory Council.

2.       Pass a full background check and be in good standing with all state and federal license requirements:

a.       NACFF will review FINRA’s BrokerCheck Report and reports from applicable licensing entities. Negative information may result in the denial of an application.

b.       Applicants have the right to appeal such denials.

3.       Successfully complete the NACFF one-day in-person training, complete the NACFF online training course or a training program for financial fiduciary practice approved as equivalent.

4.       Agree to uphold the Certified Financial Fiduciary® Code of Conduct; and comply with all certification requirements including use of the certification marks and continuing education requirements that may change from time to time.

5.       Complete the certification application and have the application approved to proceed to the exam.

6.       Agree to the exam terms, including confidentiality of the exam content.

7.       Pass the certification exam.

Upon receipt of an application for certification, NACFF staff shall promptly review the application for completeness and payment of fees. Individuals submitting an incomplete application, or the wrong fees, will immediately be notified of such.

Complete applications shall be processed in accordance with NACFF policies and procedures. Approved applicants will be provided information on how to complete the application steps, including taking the certification exam and compliance with ethical policies.

Certification shall not be granted before all requirements have been successfully completed by the applicant.

Download NACFF Candidate Handbook

All Fiduciaries are not the same. Certified Financial Fiduciary® is the standard of Excellence.